Round Bales and Twine: What’s with This Ideal Pair?

In making round bales for farming or commercial purposes, it has been proven time and time again that twine is by far the most cost-effective and practical solution. The truth is that the one making the bales has more than a couple of options, but the benefits you potentially can obtain by using baling twine bale wrap are undeniably distinctive.

Bale WrapThe concept of bale wrapping started several decades ago, and the use of twine in making the process doubly effective followed suit. Twine these days is the best material when making round bales because it is flexible and durable. It is made from natural materials with properties that allow it to withstand the forces of nature, including that of the harsh UV rays, moisture, and water.

Now let us look at some of the arguments that make baling twine as the best available option for square balers.

1 – It leads to faster baling.

Arguably the most prominent reason why twine is by far the most successful and accessible option for baling is the fact that it is convenient to use. The smoother the experience in baling, the more likely you will become faster in doing it. Since it only requires about three full turns to wrap a bale, it is indicative of the considerable time you will save. When you have equipment or machine to help you with the baling process, it means you will substantially reduce the time in making fresh bales. It will also correspond to producing fresh and high-quality fodder because the process is quicker compared to other methods.

2 – The use of twine in making round bales leads to a considerable reduction of spoilage.

Another crucial advantage of baling twine bale wrap is that it will result in minimal to zero spoilage. The twine is useful in wrapping the bales and making sure there are no rooms that could allow moisture and other things to penetrate. It secures the bales for the entirety of the period of storage. Stuff like water, dirt, moisture, and heat won’t find its way to the fodder because of the protection given by the twine. When no outside elements can get in, it means there’s also a lesser possibility of spoiling what’s inside. This concept applies to both indoor and outdoor storage.

3 – You can buy twine everywhere.

The most useful thing about choosing baling twine for round balers is that you get to purchase the material wherever you are in Australia. Since it is already known as the most preferred material for making round balers, it is no secret that manufacturers and sellers are scrambling to meet the demand for it. As a result, you expect to buy it at competitive prices, too.