How to Use a Chainsaw Chain Sharpener for Sharper and Longer-lasting Chainsaw Chains

Are you an average homeowner who has zero ideas on how to sharpen your chainsaw chains? If so, then this article is for you, as we’re going to teach you how to use a chainsaw chain sharpener to make sure your chainsaw is always sharp and lasts longer. Unless you’re a professional lumberjack, you wouldn’t know how to use this power tool. You might end up injuring your hand or finger if you aren’t careful. That’s why we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Follow the instructions below and make sure you use your chainsaw sharpening tool carefully and effectively.



Safety First!


Before you get started, it’s important that you take some safety precautions first. When sharpening your chainsaw chains, you’ll need some heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands while you work your way to each chain. It’s also advisable to wear a pair of protective goggles to make sure your eyes are also safe. Once you’ve gotten these materials, you can then proceed to sharpen the chainsaw chain.


Stabilize Your Chainsaw


This process will largely depend on the type of tool you’re working with. However, regardless of what kind of sharpening kit you use, keep in mind that you’re going to need to turn on the chain brake to secure the line. Find a clamp to stabilize the nose bar. That way, you can use both of your hands while working.


Sharpen the Nose Bar


If you’re using a manual chainsaw chain sharpener kit, you can find a guide included in the kit. Lay it down on top of the rivets in the chain. If you’ve put it on correctly, the arrows indicated in the guide should be pointing down towards the nose bar of your chainsaw. Now that it’s all set, the only thing you need to do is to follow the angle suggested by the guide and move your file across the area. Do this process two to three times until you see a shiny silver clean on the metal chains. That means you’ve managed to file down the blade enough to make it start again.


Once you’ve sharpened the cutters, disengage the chainsaw brake and rotate the chain forward. Re-engage the chain brake back and get your sharpener in position again. Perform the sharpening process until you’ve completed the entire chain. Then, turn the chainsaw around so you can sharpen the other side of the cutters. Read the full review of the top sharpeners by clicking this link.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully sharpened your chainsaw using a chainsaw chain sharpener. Make sure you revert to this article for reference when it’s time to sharpen your chainsaw again. For more DIY articles, subscribe to our blog page.