The Benefits of Using Facial Moisturisers and Day Creams with SPF

Choosing to integrate an SPF into your daily facial moisturising routine has numerous benefits. Before your skin gets exposed to the scorching heat of the sun all day out, a little and quick application of your daily facial moisturising product right in the morning before leaving the house is of great importance.


Retaining the ability of collagen production is one of the primary reasons why you must apply either a facial moisturiser or day cream with SPF because it will immensely protect your skin against the harsh sunlight. Due to too much exposure from the sun, the retention of moisture within the skin gradually diminishes. Take note that skin creates collagen. With the maintained ability of the skin to make collagen, undeniably, the skin will appear moisturised as ever while also reducing the risk of having both fine lines and wrinkles.


Moreover, the application of the right facial moisturiser with SPF also significantly helps in reducing the chances of developing carcinoma of the skin. Not only that but with the use of a facial moisturiser with SPF, the chances of undergoing laser or cosmetic procedures required to correct the damage that has already been caused by the skin will also significantly lessen.



Many people experience discolouration on some specific parts of the skin as part of the natural aging process. Fortunately, these discoloured areas of the skin can be easily reduced through the regular application of facial moisturising products that contain SPF which provides proper protection against the sun.


Sun protection factor is the word behind the acronym SPF. It is a measure of how efficient a sunscreen will protect the skin against UVB rays which is the kind of radiation that significantly causes sunburn, damage skin and worst skin cancer. If your skin tends to usually burn after only 10 minutes under the sun, applying an SPF 15 sunscreen would allow you to stay in the sun without burning for roughly about 150 minutes that is 15 times longer than usual. But of course, this estimation also depends on skin type, the intensity of sunlight as well as the amount of sunscreen applied. SPF is not about helping you determine the duration of exposure because it is about the measure of protection from the amount of UVB exposure.


Furthermore, an effective way to reduce the number of products used in your daily skin care routine is the application of a good facial moisturiser with SPF. Instead of using an only facial moisturiser and sun protection over it, it is more practical and beneficial if you can combine the two. Shop for a product the both possesses the two that will ultimately protect your skin.



Bear in mind to consider your specific skin tone needs before deciding whether an excellent facial moisturiser or day cream with SPF is right for you. In selecting any good product like a facial moisturiser with SPF, you must not forget to consider this important factor.