SEO Adelaide – Myths That You Should Never Follow

With the popularity of SEO reaching new heights of relevance, many business owners are starting to believe in everything they hear. As long as it’s an online strategy that involves – or even just mentions – SEO, they will immediately consider it as an effective way to help them rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP). However, let’s not get carried away with all the hype that SEO Adelaide is getting. Yes, it’s a necessary component for your online marketing. But you need to separate from what’s fact and what’s false about it. In short, you need to debunk the SEO myths so that you won’t waste time and resources.


Fortunately, we’ve already done our research. So, without further ado, below are some SEO myths that you should never follow.


1.) Keyword Targeting Becoming Irrelevant After Google Hummingbird


If you’ve been following SEO for the longest time, then chances are you’re mainly optimising for one search engine – Google. At the same time, you should also know that Google issues “updates” now and then to its Algorithm – the trends, factors, and conditions used to rank web pages on the internet. Among these algorithms is Hummingbird, which changed the future of search as it promoted content producers to adopts a new perspective that will benefit the internet users. However, many people believe that keyword targeting is no longer relevant after the Hummingbird update. This is not true. Despite the 90% of today’s searches being impacted by Hummingbird, you can still keyword target without any problem and still gain results from it.


2.) Meta Tags Don’t Matter


Here’s an old classic for you. After all these years, some people – if not most – still think that meta tags don’t matter. There’s been a lot of debate in the SEO Adelaide world about the impact of meta keywords tags. Keep in mind that while they do nothing for your SEO, they can be valuable information that your users can see that will either provide them with enough information to consider you as a legitimate source or click on your site and engage with what you have to offer. However, keep in mind that meta tags are just supplementary pieces. The game still revolves on your SEO strategy. But if you get it right, your meta tags will be the finishing touch that will pull any potential visitor to your site and convert them into returning customers.



We’d love to keep going, but we only have limited time and space on this article. To get a comprehensive take on this topic, you can visit our website and access our other article entitled “17 SEO Myths Debunked,” and discover other false claims about SEO Adelaide that you shouldn’t follow.