4 Actionable Steps to Solve the Uneven Cooling of Your House

Are you heading out to check the air conditioner sale at your local appliance store? Well, before you do that, you have to read this!


At one time or another, homeowners will face the problem of uneven cooling of their homes. Think about the time when you bought your air conditioning – you hoped that the system would cool your entire home without problems. But as time goes by, you start noticing something is amiss. Issues with ACs are not resistant to various factors in your home including the age of the system, airflow problems and even dirty filters which all can reduce the system’s ability to cool all parts of your house evenly.


Before checking out that air conditioner sale advertised in your paper, read on to find out whether you need a new one or just some elbow grease. Here are five actionable ways to cool down your home.



  1. Check Your Air Vents to Make Sure They Control and Direct the Air


Dirty or clogged vents can cause uneven cooling if blocked by furniture or anything. Dust and debris build-up can also be the culprit. Use a vacuum with attachments to loosen and remove debris.


  1. Switch the Fan from “Automatic” to “On”


Activate the fan switch between “automatic” and “on” in your thermostat. Some modern thermostats have some fan control settings also. If you have an uneven cooling home, try turning the switch to the “on” position rather than the “automatic” setting. Here is the reason:


When in the “on” position, your system fan stays on and circulates air, even after the system cooling cycle goes out. It will continue circulating air in your home to help even out the temperature.


When in the “automatic” position, the fan only works when there is a call for cooling and the outdoor unit is active and is actively cooling the house.


Running a fan will add a little to your electricity usage, between $5 – $20 per month depending on the type of furnace blower you have.


  1. Check Your Ducts for Air Leaks


When there is an air leak inside your duct system, they will make your central air system work harder to compensate for the lost air. That, in turn, can cause more problems. Ask a professional to check your ducts if you suspect that leaks contribute to uneven cooling around your home.


  1. Add More Insulation in the Attic


If you lack the right amount or quality of insulation, you may not get the full benefits and comfort of your precious cool air.


If after spending this little bit of time to see if your air conditioner is functioning adequately and you have ticked all the items above, yet you are still experiencing an uneven cooling of your home, it may be time to get a new one. Your timing cannot be better as a big air conditioner sale is on right now at your local shop. Go and check it out.