2 Ways Your New CLIMAT Brivis Evaporative Cooling System Will Benefit You

While evaporative cooling remains one of the oldest forms of climate control, it still remains relevant in today’s standards. At the same time, it’s also one of the most beneficial. It offers a wide variety of advantages over traditional air conditioners, all of which will keep fewer pollutants in the air and more money in your pocket. But before we delve deeper and talk about the benefits of a CLIMAT Brivis evaporative cooling system, it’s first to discuss briefly how it works.


A Brief Overview of How Evaporative Cooling Works

A portable evaporative cooler uses evaporation to help cool the air in the surrounding area. The pump is the main component that makes an evaporative air conditioner work. It helps circulate water from a reservoir and towards a cooling pad. As a result, it will become increasingly wet. A fan will then draw air from the outside and push it through the moistened cooling pad. As the air passes through this area, it will get cooled thanks to evaporation.


So now that you know how an evaporative cooling system works, it’s not time to understand the different benefits that it offers. So continue reading now and discover the different advantages of the CLIMAT Brivis evaporative cooling system.


Eco-friendly Air Conditioning System

Air conditioners aren’t known for being eco-friendly. But you can exclude evaporative cooling as it’s exactly what you’d want in an air conditioning unit. Evaporative cooling is entirely based on natural processes, which is air being cooled by water. That means the air that’s being released from the system is going to be safer for the environment since no foreign materials and chemicals are going to be involved.


Inexpensive Installation

Unlike ducted air cooling and split system air conditioning units, CLIMAT Brivis evaporative cooling is known for its inexpensive installation process. The cost is very low compared to other air conditioning units. In fact, the average price of having an evaporative cooling system installed in your home by a licensed contractor is around $720 to $1,200. Some more sophisticated and expensive systems can raise the price of over $2,000. However, with the simplicity of an evaporative cooler, you won’t have to pay that much money to have it installed. In fact, if you’ve had a background with air conditioning installation, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money.


So as you can see, the CLIMAT Brivis evaporative cooling system is one of the best air conditioners in terms of price to performance, installation process, and efficiency. Experience all of its benefits when you buy one today! Click here to make your purchase.