Get The Right Guy! 4 Essential Qualities of a Professional Building Inspector

You’ve read the articles and heard the advice given to you about getting a building inspection before purchasing a house. However, what they didn’t mention is getting the right people to conduct the building inspection. There are many building inspection services firms in the country. There might even be several agencies in your area. However, how do you know which has the best building inspector- has the answer! In our honest opinion, you’ll only have to look for four essential qualities:

First, the inspector should have a variety of crucial skills like good communications, a good listener, exceptional coordination skills, and critical thinking. Since an inspector will deal with inspecting all the parts of a house, he or she should have these skills to be able to do their job smoothly and discuss any potential issues with their clients.


The second quality is academic excellence. While becoming an inspector doesn’t require high educational attainment, it’s also essential to know if the inspector had at least graduated from high school. That will determine if they had, at least the necessary training and learning that they need to approach their daily work. Anything lower than that is unacceptable. However, keep in mind that this one is the least qualified to consider among the four.


Third, inspectors should be keen observers. They should always work at a high level of intellectual activity such as observing, evaluating, and analysing specific problems and issues of a property. At the same time, he or she should also be efficient at recording all of the issues that were found and compiling them into a single comprehensive building inspections report.


The fourth and final quality is that the inspector should also be a technical genius. What this means is that the building inspector that you’re going to hire should know everything about homes. They should be aware of various wirings, HVAC units, how to configure the lighting systems of a house, and how things technically work inside a property. Knowing all of this will give them the best judgment, which will help them during their investigation.



Getting a building inspection is essential. But to get to that point, you need to hire the right building inspector. has the right people for the job and can help you determine if you’re purchasing the right home or not. Visit our website now for more info and to schedule an appointment.