Why You Need to Have Your Gum Disease Treated Immediately

Everyone knows about gum disease. However, some people only give attention to the state of their gums if it already reaches the next stage of the disease which is periodontitis or third stage that is advanced periodontitis. There are countless reasons to address gum disease immediately, but the most essential and critical one is to prevent it from affecting your overall health. Unchecked and untreated gum disease will not only result to tooth loss and bone recession, but it will also allow some bacteria to enter into your bloodstream giving a higher possibility for you to have heart disease or more susceptible to stroke. Aside from that, gum disease can also affect the overall health condition of pregnant women. Premature births and low-weight newborns are also somewhat caused by gum disease, so if you are pregnant today, take extreme care of your teeth.

Fortunately, gum disease can be avoided and easily treated by visiting a dentist – royalparkdental.com.au regularly. However, it is necessary for you to know first how this condition can significantly affect your whole being.


Gingivitis is the first stage and the first warning sign that you have gum disease. It causes your gums to swell due to the plaque build-up around your gum line. Poor dental hygiene and genetics can either be the root cause of gingivitis. If your gums bleed each time you brush or floss, it is an indicator that you are now starting to develop gum disease. But don’t worry because unlike other stages, gingivitis can get easily treated since it doesn’t produce any long-lasting damage on the tissues connecting your teeth and gums. And of course, a regular visit to your dentist is of great importance to eliminate this oral issue.




The connective tissues and fibres that support your jawbone which keeps your teeth in their right place will be destroyed eventually once periodontitis sets in which is the second stage of gum disease. There will be pockets forming below your gum line which will accumulate plaque and bacteria and eventually will cause more damage. The damage done during periodontitis is challenging to reverse since it already produces significant damage. However, you can prevent further deterioration by seeing a dentist – royalparkdental.com.au. They will provide a thorough cleaning, and you can take proper care of your teeth morning and night.

Advanced Periodontitis

If your gum disease already reaches its peak which is advanced periodontitis, well sad to say, treating it will be difficult. Your jaw bone is recessing, and the fibres which support your teeth get destroyed which becomes unrepairable. Due to this disease, biting will be significantly affected, and teeth may need to go. Not only that but you may lose one or more teeth since you don’t have any healthy connective tissues anymore that will hold them in place. Thankfully you can avoid this nasty problem by brushing and flossing including seeing a dentist regularly.