How to Save on Your Office’s Printing Cost

It is not uncommon for offices to unnecessarily print surplus documents which result in excessive use of papers and hundreds of dollars in printer ink and repairs. If your business frequently prints out many documents or if you have realised that you’re spending too much money on printing Adelaide supplies and printer maintenance, you may want to consider other options that will make document production efficient.


If you print many documents, then you need to have a laser printer as it is a cost-effective choice. Laser printers are expensive when compared to inkjet printers initially, but the cost will soon even out when you compare the number of prints you can produce before having to change the toner. Also, the laser printers have a higher Dot Per Inch (DPI) than inkjets. Inkjet printers are great for the home user, but laser printers are more economical when it comes to high volume print.



Before buying, you need to consider the printer specifications. What type of toner does the printer require? How much is the said toner and what is its durability? How many print outs per minute can it produce? Also, consider whether you need a colour laser printer or a monochrome laser printer. If your office regularly produces text documents, then there is no need for a colour printer as it is expensive. However, you will find that many offices keep a colour inkjet on hand in case a need to print colour documents arises. It all narrows down to the number of prints you need and how you need them. By keeping all these in mind, office printing Adelaide will be seamless and affordable.


Many business owners buy low cost, low-quality paper for their office because it can cut office printing costs over high-quality papers. While this sounds true, low-quality papers will end up costing you more than you budgeted. The cheap paper tends to jam and could cost you money in repairs. Also, even if you have the best printers, with low-quality papers, you will not have quality prints. If you have a laser printer, ensure that your paper is 80gsm for optimal performance.

The best way to save money on your printing Adelaide expenses is to reduce the number of prints that you produce. You should at all cost avoid waste and only produce what you need. Keep retrievable info on your PC or in an email, or keep a pad of paper at your desk to write down important communication. Overall, reducing wastage when printing will keep your expenses down and that is what every business want to boost productivity.